These 8 Puppies Thank You!

May 9, 2024

One of our social workers recently connected with a family member who contacted us about the cutest, chunkiest, wiggliest “oops” litter one can imagine.

As a result of all the new mouths to feed, they were struggling to afford all of the pet food needed to care for all of the new pets in their home.

The family learned about us through the Pets for Life program, where we go door-to-door meeting our South Phoenix neighbors and talking to them about our shared love of animals and community. Through these connections, we share non-judgmental information and offer resources should the need arise.

We initially met this family through outreach, and we’re thrilled they trusted us enough to ask for help!

One of our social workers answered all of their questions about adopting the puppies out to loving families and how spaying and neutering can improve their health and safety.

The team provided them with lots of information and plenty of puppy food to keep these wiggly little chunks well-fed for weeks to come until they find their new forever homes! 

Learn more about The Humane Society of the United States’ Program, Pets for Life,  here!

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