Your Generosity Aided This Gentle Giant!

Feb 12, 2024

Meet big boy Kimbo! Kimbo is one of the thousands of pets you helped last year through The Arizona Pet Project! Thank you!

Several years ago, someone tragically stole the Smiths’ dog from their front yard. Can you imagine the heartbreak? They were sick and did everything they could to find their missing family member.

After several months, with no luck in finding her, they decided it was time to heal their hearts and look for another dog to bring into their family. Enter Kimbo!

The Smiths always held a soft spot in their heart for Great Danes after having one as a neighbor for many years. When they were ready to welcome a new dog into their home, they couldn’t believe their luck. Someone posted that their dog had an accidental litter, and they were only charging a very small fee for the puppies. They couldn’t believe their luck and brought Kimbo home that week.

Kimbo, this Great Dane, is a beloved family member who brings so much joy to his human siblings. When our team met this family, we learned that they could barely make ends meet after a series of unfortunate events, and the added cost of neutering Kimbo was beyond their reach.

And on top of that, the low-cost mobile spay/neuter clinic they did find could not accommodate such a colossal canine!

Our counselor did some digging and found a neighboring animal clinic that could provide the procedure at a reduced cost that we covered through The Arizona Pet Project, thanks to donations from caring people like YOU!

On the day of Kimbo’s neuter surgery, his entire family went with him in support! Our counselor stayed with them the entire time, reassuring this loving and very anxious family while they waited for their favorite love bug to get out of surgery.

Hours later, as Kimbo emerged from the clinic, groggy but his happy self, the smiles on the Smith family’s faces were priceless!

They are immensely grateful to everyone who supports The Arizona Pet Project and wanted us to THANK YOU for donating to help pet families when they need additional support and essential resources to keep their furry family members happy and healthy! 

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