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What Makes Us Unique

The Arizona Pet Project believes everyone should have the option to enjoy pet ownership. They provide comfort, companionship, and improve the overall well-being of their family members. Sadly, it’s often the people who need their pets the most who are forced to surrender them to shelters, where the pets face an increased risk of euthanasia.

Many families seeking support are members of the community who greatly benefit from the human-animal bond they share with their pets. In some cases, pets are the only family these individuals have.

Our unique approach and revolutionary programs are focused on improving and saving, the lives of both people and pets by keeping pets with the families who love them. Want to learn more about the cats and dogs we’ve helped through our programs? Checkout our success stories page


How We Impact People

Our mission is to ensure families don’t have to choose between caring for themselves and caring for their pets in times of crisis. By providing families with services and resources that include people and animals and removing barriers to accessing human care, we improve the overall health and safety of the community and prevent the unnecessary trauma caused by the unnecessary surrender of pets. 

How We Impact Pets

Through our resource center and intervention team, we keep thousands of pets out of shelters and provide families with emergency veterinary care, free spay and neuter surgeries, vaccines, post-op pain medications, e-collars, pet food, and critical pet essentials. Our team is committed to removing barriers that low-income pet owners face in accessing life-saving resources while reducing the number of homeless pets.

Why Supporting People with Pets Matters

The clients we serve are our partners in lifesaving! In fact, 77% of our clients rescued their animals from a life on the streets, or from friends and family who could no longer care for them. Families who attend our free clinics are, like us, committed to helping reduce pet overpopulation and euthanasia, as well as keeping their pets healthy and happy. 

Pets for Life

The Arizona Pet Project was selected by The Humane Society of the United States to bring their Pets for Life program back to Arizona. Through our Pets for Life program, we’re able to impact families with pets by extending the reach of veterinary services, pet resources, and information to underserved communities across Maricopa County including people and pets within socio-economic, racial, and geographic boundaries.

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Be Part Of The Long-Term Solution.

Join The Arizona Pet Project in supporting families and saving lives!