Pets for Life

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Extending Resources Across Barriers

The Arizona Pet Project recognizes many pet owners, especially people of color, face institutional barriers while trying to access pet resources. To address these systemic disparities, we extend the reach of veterinary services, pet support, and information to underserved communities across Maricopa County.

The Humane Society of the United States selected The Arizona Pet Project to bring their Pets for Life program back to Arizona.

Pets for Life Program Initiative

The Humane Society of the United States established Pets for Life to embrace the human component of the human-animal relationship by approaching people in a respectful way and recognizing that people’s love for their pets transcends socioeconomic circumstances and cultural differences.

The Arizona Pet Project’s decades-long focus on bringing accessibility and equity to families and pets in low-income communities and those facing institutional barriers made our organization a natural fit for the Pets for Life Program!

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Pets for Life Stories

The Arizona Pet Project shares the Pets for Life philosophy and will be bringing you stories of families and pets we meet through this program to raise awareness and highlight the beautiful relationships that exist throughout our community.

Stay tuned for more stories about our Pets for Life program from our team!

Our staff connects low-income families with pets to resources and supplies using a door-to-door approach.

Whether providing families with pet food and other essentials or scheduling follow-up services, including preventative or sick and injured veterinary care, The Arizona Pet Project’s impact means connecting communities with pet resources they would not have access to otherwise.

Systemic Poverty and Institutional Discrimination on People and Pets

The impacts of institutionalized racism are severe and enduring for people and pets, and systemic poverty eliminates options for pet owners in underserved communities. The role that oppressive institutions and policies play in creating endless challenges for pet owners disproportionately affects people of color. The result? Lack of access to pet services for families and pets due to resource inequity. 

The Arizona Pet Project is committed to connecting underserved communities with veterinary services that ensure their beloved pets are kept happy, healthy, and most importantly, with their families who love them.

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