Spay Surgery and More for Isabelle

Feb 18, 2022

Most feline friends we meet at our clinics are scared of being outside and in a new place. They’re usually hunkered down and hiding in their cat carrier (which is why we don’t always get to share adorable photos like this one with you!)

But when Isabelle is not one of those cats. When her human brother approached us with her in his arms, she was a calm, cool cat who was not afraid to meet strangers!

Isabelle’s mom, Angelic, along with her children were so grateful to learn about The Arizona Pet Project community clinic where they were able to have their cat spayed and vaccinated. To their surprise, they did not leave their appointment empty-handed!

They also stopped by our resource center and received pet essentials like a cat carrier, cat food, kitty litter, and a cat leash to ensure Isabelle is happy and healthy after she returned home from her spay appointment!

The Arizona Pet Project community clinics provide accessible pet care to neighborhoods with the greatest need and offer free spay/neuter in order to prevent accidental litters, which put a strain on Arizona’s crowded animal shelters.

With your support, we provide spay and neuter to pets in our community and connect low-income families with pet care essentials to ensure that they never have to choose between paying their bills or caring for their beloved pet.

Through the important work we do made possible by compassionate people like YOU, together we keep pets happy, healthy, out of the shelters, and with their families who love them! 

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