Temporary Boarding for Belinda and Chiquita

Dec 13, 2022

Thanks to donations raised for The Arizona Pet Project during our GivingTuesday fundraiser, we can support even MORE families and pets in need just like how you helped Elizabeth, Belinda, and Chiquita!

The Arizona Pet Project team connected with Elizabeth after learning she lost her job while dealing with health issues, and was nearly facing homelessness.

Elizabeth, like thousands of residents across Maricopa County, struggled to find affordable housing options that were also pet-friendly.

Our low-income and fixed-income families within our community face these challenges every day.

But thanks to supporters like you, we’re able to offer services to ensure people and their pets stay together and we do all we can to keep loved pets out of shelters and with their families…where they truly belong!

Donations made to The Arizona Pet Project covered the costs needed to place Belinda and Chiquita into temporary boarding while Elizabeth was given a little more time to find affordable housing for them.

Thanks to your support, this family is reunited and will be together for the holiday season!

Together, we can prevent cats and dogs from entering the shelters and keep pets home for the holidays!

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