Spay Surgery for Sasha

May 2, 2023

Julian and his new best friend, Sasha, thank you! 

Julian had always been a dog lover but never thought he would be ready for another pet after his soul dog passed away. His heart ached every day as he walked through his empty house, longing for the wagging tail that used to greet him at the door. But a couple weeks ago, a tiny pup named Sasha wiggled her way into Julian’s heart, filling the hole his soul dog left behind and bringing joy back to his life.Sasha is a German Shepherd puppy rescued from a breeder who could no longer care for her, and then her second family struggled to meet her needs as a young, energetic, curious pup. Faced with having to find her furever family for the third time, Sasha needed an experienced pet parent. Enter, Julian.The moment Julian laid eyes on Sasha, he knew she was meant to be a part of his family! He scooped her up in his arms, and she licked his face, wagging her tail. A spark of joy lit up in Julian’s chest, and he knew he had made the right decision to meet this puppy that day!Her playful personality brings light to his life, and Julian feels grateful for every moment he spends with her. Though he will always miss his soul dog, Sasha has filled a part of his heart that had been empty for too long.

Thanks to compassionate people who donate to The Arizona Pet Project, our team was able to cover the costs of Sasha’s spay surgery, microchip, and vaccines through our community wellness clinic program.Every time you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to pet parents like Julian–people in our community who love their pets and would do anything to keep them safe and out of shelters! Thank you!

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