You Saved Jade!

Nov 12, 2020

When 4-month old Jade’s health began to quickly decline her mom rushed her to the vet. Jade tested positive for parvo, a potentially deadly and highly contagious disease. Her mom, Lizette, was devastated. She spent every cent she had to provide as much treatment as possible to save her life. $300 later, she had to take Jade home because she simply could not afford the thousands quoted for hospitalization.

As she left the vet’s office, she decided she would not let Jade suffer because this once playful, happy puppy had changed her life for the better.

With nowhere else to turn, Lizette arrived at the shelter believing the only option to help her beloved family member was to humanely euthanize.

Thanks to each of YOU – you amazing super-hero supporters – she did not have to.

With your help, The Arizona Pet Project paid for outpatient treatment through one of our veterinary partners to save Jade’s life.

jade eating

Lizette called later that night, in tears, to say, “I don’t know what we did to deserve this help. We called everywhere looking for help and we realized we were going to have to put her down. Then we went to the shelter and The Arizona Pet Project saved her for us. She is already doing much better. I still can’t believe you helped us.”

We are thrilled to tell you, Jade is on her way to being her happy, healthy self once again! When she is fully recovered, she will also be spayed and vaccinated so she can enjoy many more years with her family- all because of your support.

By donating just $5 today, you will help more deserving pets receive life-saving vaccines to protect them from diseases like parvo and prevent them from ever facing a situation like this family had to endure.

Your compassion and commitment to supporting families and saving pets truly make a difference!

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