Debra Is Healing With Her Dog by Her Side

Mar 11, 2023

When Debra fell ill and ended up in the hospital, her doctors told her she needed to focus on getting better, a process that was going to take a long time. But all she could think about was her dog at home with nobody to care for him.

So many of us put the well-being of our pets before our own–much like Debra…until she found herself at a devastating fork in the road.

If she didn’t find a solution soon, Debra was faced with making the decision to check herself out against doctors’ orders or surrendering her best friend, Jonas.

Imagine having to choose between your health and your dog.

That’s not much of a choice.

Thankfully, The Arizona Pet Project staff connected with Debra to get her and Jonas everything they needed so that Debra would not have to sacrifice her health or the love of her dog, Jonas.

Our staff learned that Jonas could even visit the hospital to see Debra provided he was up-to-date on vaccines! As soon as we could, we got Jonas vaccinated, and he made the exciting trip to visit his favorite person in the world at the hospital.

When Jonas arrived at the hospital, he excitedly wiggled his way over to Debra’s side and wouldn’t leave. For the first time in weeks, Debra felt at peace.

She was overwhelmed with emotion, knowing that all of this was possible only because of compassionate, pet-loving people like you! She is so grateful that donations to The Arizona Pet Project provided her and Jonas with the chance to be reunited and for providing her with everything they need while Debra continues to heal!

While it’s impossible for us to share the stories of every single family you help through our programs, we can tell you that each time you make a generous gift to The Arizona Pet Project, you are extending a helping hand to people and pets in need to ensure loved cats and dogs are kept happy, healthy, and out of shelters! Thank you!

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