Nancy says “Thank you for treating Lulu’s stomatitis!”

Oct 6, 2021

When forced to choose between caring for herself or caring for her cat, Nancy will always choose to put Lulu’s comfort before hers. While Nancy lives on a tight budget with limited income, she does *everything* she can to provide a safe, happy, and healthy home for her beloved cat named Lulu.

The problem was, while Nancy continues to live on a tight budget, she was faced with unexpected and expensive veterinary bills when her sweet Lulu became sick.

When Nancy realized that Lulu was sick, she brought her in for medical support right away. During her appointment, Lulu was diagnosed with stomatitis.

Nancy does all that she can to provide for her sweet Lulu while living on a limited income. Putting her cat first has never been a problem for her, but the medical care Lulu needed to treat her stomatitis was simply beyond what Nancy could manage.

Thankfully, YOU were there to help this family in their time of need!

Lulu paws stretched out on the bed

Desperate for a solution, Nancy contacted The Arizona Pet Project to see what could be done to get Lulu the medical care she needed.

Thanks to supporters like you, Lulu received dental extractions, take-home medications including antibiotics and pain medication, and a follow-up appointment with her vet to check on her progress!

We are pleased to share with you that Lulu received the stomatitis treated she needed, and she is now recovering at home and by Nancy’s side—right where she belongs! 

Because of you, The Arizona Pet Project is able to support families facing hardship while caring for their pets.

The human-animal bond is an incredibly healing relationship, and like Nancy, so many of us rely on our pets for emotional support. Thank you for your commitment to supporting Arizona families and their pets when they need it most!

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