Vaccines, Food, and a Leash for Babygirl!

Apr 19, 2023

5 days a week, our Pets for Life team goes door-to-door in South Phoenix, connecting with families and sharing resources. This was when our team met Babygirl and her family!

During outreach, our team provided Babygirl, a timid but sweet one-year-old puppy, with preventative vaccines that would keep her safe from illness, a brand new leash so she could explore the world with her owners safely, and even a bag of food to make sure she had a happy, full belly in the weeks to come!

Babygirl’s owners were over the moon with gratitude! Our team learned how they rescued Babygirl months earlier when their neighbor’s dog had an ‘oops litter’ and could not care for all of the puppies. When they met the litter of pups, they had an instant bond with Babygirl, and they knew that day that they were meant to bring her into their home and become a part of their family!

So many families we assist through our programs rescue cats and dogs from unknown fates–families just like Babygirl’s! We’re so grateful to these families who ensure pets are given a loving home instead of roaming the streets, ending up in the shelter, or facing unnecessary euthanasia.

Each time you donate to The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a family and pet, ensuring their beloved cats and dogs are happy, healthy, and out of shelters! Thank you! 

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