This feline family is safe thanks to YOU!

Sep 22, 2021

Margie and Rebecca are an aunt and niece duo living together as roommates. They live together with their cats, Blue and Oreo, and were managing squeaking by on their limited income until hard luck hit them in the spring. Margie, who just turned 80 years old, fell suddenly sick and had to be hospitalized.

Her unexpected illness hit at the same time their lease was ending, and they quickly had to find a more affordable place to live that would allow their whole family to stay together.

Thanks to our partnership with Lost Our Home, we were able to provide temporary boarding for Blue and Oreo which provided Rebecca the time she needed to find affordable housing that would accommodate herself, Margie, and their 2 beloved cats.

They also received one-on-one assistance from our veterinary social worker, who helped them find a new place to call home and connected them with other supportive care!

We’re pleased to share with you that Margie is feeling better now, and her family has been reunited because they have a new place to live! 

When you support The Arizona Pet Project, you ensure more families and pets stay together by providing resources needed to keep loved pets out of shelters–and with the people who love them!

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