AZ House Bill 2323 Protects Pet Owners

Jun 7, 2022

Did you hear the news about AZ House Bill 2323? Arizona became the fifth state to pass a law that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating access to coverage to owners based on their dog’s breed. Incredible, because not only does insurance breed restriction increase shelter intake and euthanasia of certain breeds, but it’s also rooted in animal and human discrimination.

Animal lovers like you and me are no strangers to the idea that certain dog breeds are discriminated against.

And for many of the people and pets in our community, unjust insurance policy discrimination prevents them from accessing affordable housing. The result? An increase in homelessness and euthanasia of blocky-headed dogs.

For this reason, The Arizona Pet Project is committed to helping people and pets, especially those who are most vulnerable and subject to discrimination.

This is why today we are elated to share with you that the recent news of this new Arizona law in place benefitting dogs and dog owners thanks to AZ House Bill 2323 is a victory for our community!

So, what does this mean now that AZ House Bill 2323 has passed? Pet owners seeking renters or homeowners’ insurance will no longer have to worry about being denied coverage or losing coverage based solely on their dog’s looks!

Housing barriers are one of the top reasons why people surrender their cats and dogs. And with this new law in place, our community will be better off with protections that keep beloved pets with their families who love them. 

But we also know this is just one of the issues facing housing insecure families in our community. If you know someone facing other housing challenges and needs help meeting housing requirements, like pet deposits, vaccines, or spay and neuter, please send them our way and refer them to our Request for Assistance Form

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