The AZPP and ASPCA Sign in Support of the PUPP Act

Sep 21, 2023

Supporting The Providing for Unhoused People with Pets (PUPP) Act

Millions of people across the United States are affected by the pressing issue of homelessness, and people and pets in Arizona are no exception. Homelessness poses numerous challenges, but for those accompanied by furry friends, the complexity increases. Many people experiencing homelessness depend on their pets for companionship, emotional support, and a sense of security, but this bond often prevents them from accessing the help they need since homeless shelters usually cannot accept pets. That is why The Arizona Pet Project (AZPP) has signed on in support of the PUPP Act, drafted by the American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  

The Providing for Unhoused People with Pets (PUPP) Act is federal legislation that aims to create a grant program that allocates funds dedicated to supporting homeless shelter clients with pets. The AZPP is supporting the efforts of the ASPCA to address the unique challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness with pets. This important legislation will ensure that no one has to choose between accessing the care they need and abandoning their beloved pets, a core belief of our organization.  

Unleashing a Compassionate Solution: The PUPP Act Would Aid Unhoused Pet Owners and Their Animal Companions

The AZPP’s data shows the powerful role pets play in the lives of unhoused people. Our data shows that individuals with pets are less likely to turn to shelters or social services that cannot accommodate their animal companions because they fear losing their only source of comfort and safety–families like Wayne and Shadow, clients AZPP was able to support, thanks to our compassionate and generous donors. 

The AZPP and ASPCA are advocating for the PUPP Act to promote a more compassionate and inclusive approach to homelessness. If passed into law, the grant program would provide financial support to homeless shelters, allowing them to create pet-friendly spaces and provide services tailored to individuals with pets. 

By prioritizing the holistic needs of the most vulnerable members of our society, this legislation would benefit both individuals experiencing homelessness and their furry companions. Pets offer immense joy, love, and a sense of belonging to their owners, and recognizing the positive impact they have on mental and emotional well-being is essential. By allowing individuals facing homelessness to access safe and supportive resources while keeping their pets, we are making sure their needs are met and helping them care for themselves as well as their animal companions. 

Legislative efforts like the PUPP Act further a cause that spans beyond animal rights, encompassing the link of homelessness, mental health, and social justice. By working together and taking action, we can create meaningful change that will protect the unhoused population of pet owners in Arizona and provide them with the humane and dignified treatment every individual deserves. 

Let us unite and make a difference in the lives of unhoused individuals and their pets. Join us and show your commitment to the well-being of both humans and animals and support the PUPP Act to create a brighter future of care, compassion, and understanding. Readers are encouraged to send a message to their US representative, urging them to support and cosponsor the PUPP act here. 

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