You Kept Maggie and her Family Together

Jan 12, 2022

Carolina, her family, and their beloved family dog, Maggie, were devastated the day they received notice they had just 30 days to move out of their home.

The very home this family had called their own for 13 years. 

Like many in this position, Carolina struggled to find affordable, pet-friendly housing in Phoenix. But she managed to make it happen! It was practically a miracle.

The problem? With such little time to save for all of the moving costs, and first and last month’s rent, she could not afford the pet deposit required by her new landlord.

And now, she had to make a tough choice. A devastating choice.

Keep a roof over her children’s heads and give up their beloved dog, or risk becoming homeless while they continue to save and search for another pet-friendly rental.

With four children to care for, Carolina felt she had no choice but to bring Maggie back to the shelter where they adopted her 5 years prior.

She stood in the lobby with her teenage son. Both were in tears, and he was hugging their dog close whispering words of reassurance and love. This was when our counselor spotted them. He approached them to find out what was going on and to see if he could help. 

Upon hearing their situation, The Arizona Pet Project team immediately offered to cover the pet deposit so they could take Maggie home. The family’s faces transformed from sadness to shock to joy when they found out they would not have to surrender their sweet little dog. They could not believe such support existed, all because of life-saving heroes like YOU who make this program possible!

Carolina’s story is not uncommon. This is an issue plaguing tens of thousands of families right now in Arizona. As rents continue to rise with few protections for tenants, thousands of dogs and cats are at-risk of surrender, while their families face homelessness.

But there is a way to help! Your compassion and support of our shelter intervention program keep pets out of shelters and with the people who need them most! Thank you for being there for Arizona pets and families in need! 

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