Preventative Shots for Crystal’s Furry Family Member

Jul 7, 2023

Thank You for Helping People and Pets Facing Homelessness!

Our team met Crystal and her dog at André House, a ministry to unhoused people in Downtown Phoenix, during community outreach. We learned that Crystal had been trying to save up to afford to get her dog Parvo and distemper shots.

She was worried about her best friend’s health, and Crystal knew her dog needed regular shots to prevent her from getting sick.

But despite her efforts, Crystal simply could not afford it.

Thankfully, because of supporters like you, our team provided them with vaccines.

Crystal was relieved to know that her furry family member was protected, but that wasn’t all! Our team also provided her pup with a brand-new harness and a bag of dog food. Crystal’s eyes glistened as she hugged her best friend tightly!

Knowing that she would not have to choose between feeding herself or feeding her family member gave her some much-needed peace of mind and reassurance.

This inseparable duo sat with our team to learn more about the resources in the community, and thanks to our partnership with André House, Crystal, and her best friend, got additional assistance to ensure they remained happy and healthy.

Crystal and her dog had been given much more than just shots, a harness, and food that day.

Being unhoused is difficult – every day is focused on survival. It can also be lonely. People experiencing homelessness explain that many times they feel invisible to the rest of the world. Crystal and her dog were seen that day and reassured that their lives matter.

And that’s because of supporters like you, who donate to organizations like The Arizona Pet Project and Andre House, ensuring our community has the resources to extend a helping hand and staff to ensure that people aren’t alone in their time of need. Thank you for seeing all the members of our community!

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