Dog Food and a New Toy for Laurie and Snickerdoodle

May 16, 2023

Thank you for helping Laurie and Snickerdoodle!

During community outreach at André House, a community center for those experiencing homelessness in Phoenix, The Arizona Pet Project team met Laurie and her best friend, Snickerdoodle.

Laurie was overjoyed to meet with our team. Her gratitude shined so bright that day every time she smiled, and you could see her love for Snickerdoodle in the way she adored and doted on him. They truly have an incredible bond, and Snickerdoodle is her companion who brings her joy and hope every single day!

Our team offered Laurie and Snickerdoodle dog food and a brand-new toy that Snickerdoodle excitedly grabbed hold of with his tiny paws.

Laurie wanted us to thank YOU for your compassion in helping people and pets facing homelessness and how this simple act of kindness will bring Laurie peace of mind knowing she does not have to choose between feeding herself or feeding Snickerdoodle for the next several weeks!

When you donate to The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a beloved pet and its owner, who would do anything to keep their pet happy and healthy! Thank you!

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