You Kept Ranger and Bronco Home for the Holidays!

Nov 12, 2020

A gentleman who deals with a disability and lives on a very fixed income arrived in the lobby of Maricopa County Animal Care & Control last week hoping to find some resources.

He met with our Shelter Intervention counselor Daniel, and shared the financial challenges he was facing and his desire to provide the best care his beloved dogs deserve. He explained how much unconditional love Ranger and Bronco gave to him – the driving force that encouraged him to seek help.


We connected him with our partner Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry​ for food assistance, and thanks to your generous support, we paid for vaccinations and licensing to make sure both dogs are healthy and up-to-date.

Instead of seeing pets enter the shelter where they face an uncertain fate, keeping pets in their loving home can be as simple as offering a little bit of support in a time of need.

Daniel reports he is encountering more and more disabled community members, senior citizens, and veterans who are experiencing reductions in benefits they need to survive. A sudden change in financial circumstances can often drive families to consider surrender if they believe it is the best or only option for their pet.

Thanks to your help, over 1,800 pets have been kept with the people who love and need them most through our Shelter Intervention program. We appreciate you and your commitment to supporting families and saving pets, just like these two beautiful dogs!


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