Help for a Front Line Hero

Nov 12, 2020

Over the years, we have learned a family’s love for their pet isn’t defined by zip codes or income. We meet families every single day who may struggle to put food on their own plates, but that doesn’t stop them from opening their hearts and homes to dogs and cats in need. In fact, nearly 70% of the pets we see at our free spay & neuter clinics were rescued off the streets, taken from a family member in crisis, or born to a friend or neighbor’s accidental litter. Isn’t that an incredible act of selflessness?

Compassionate people in our community are our first line of defense, and heroes, in preventing pets from ending up in shelters. One such person is a woman named Martha.

Martha found Tony wandering alone in her neighborhood a few months ago. She tried to find his family but no one came forward. She quickly fell in love with Tony and knew there was no need for him to go to the shelter because he was already home. Martha has a huge heart and is always doing what she can to help stray pets.

Then one night a storm blew down a portion of the side fence in the backyard. Martha did not realize the damage and Tony, unfortunately, escaped while he was out for a bathroom break. Martha was distraught and spent the next three days searching for him.

A neighbor mentioned hearing that two large dogs had attacked a small dog in an empty lot nearby. Martha held her breath as she rushed over hoping it wasn’t her Tony. Her heart sank when she saw him trembling in the corner covered in wounds.

Martha recently lost her job and was scraping by to keep a roof over her family, she simply had no extra funds for the care Tony needed. She did not want him to suffer so she rushed into the shelter with Tony wrapped in her arms. She thought humanly euthanizing was her only option.

Thanks to you, our compassionate supporters, The Arizona Pet Project sent Martha to our veterinary partner and paid for the treatment of Tony’s wounds. His strong will to survive, along with the love and care of his mom, has helped in his recovery. We are happy to report he is making great progress because of your kindness!

When you donate to The Arizona Pet Project, you empower families to provide the best care for their pets while also keeping them happy, healthy, and out of the shelters! Thank you for your compassion and support.

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