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Aug 7, 2023

The Arizona Pet Project’s Chief Executive Officer and Lead Intervention Counselor were guests on this week’s episode of Arizona & Me on MeTV where we talked about The Arizona Pet Project and all of the important work we’re doing together as a community, and what sets our organization apart from a typical animal welfare organization.

 The Arizona Pet Project is more than an animal welfare organization.

The organization’s CEO, Leanna Taylor, explains, “what differentiates The Arizona Pet Project is all of our frontline workers are social workers. These are individuals who are very skilled in accessing the full needs of a family.”

The Arizona Pet Project is dedicated to improving the lives of people and their pets through preventive services and resources. By conducting motivational interviews, our organization aims to identify the root causes of an individual’s crisis and provide holistic support to address multiple challenges. This approach ensures that pet families in need are connected not only with pet-related services, but also with essential resources like utility assistance programs and food banks.

“We’re really looking at the full needs of the family, and then not only do we accept referrals, we are then referring out to other agencies who may have wrap-around services for those family members.” – Leanna Taylor, CEO of The Arizona Pet Project.

We thank the team at Arizona & Me for allowing The Arizona Pet Project staff to use their platform to share about the important work we’re doing in the community, and explain how The Arizona Pet Project extends resources to people and pets in crisis beyond standard pet services! You can tune in to watch Arizona & Me, Saturday mornings at 5:30 on MeTV on KMOH.

Watch The Arizona Pet Project’s interview on Arizona & Me online on their website.

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