Dental Work for Bella

Jun 10, 2024

Losing appetite: every dog owner’s nightmare. That’s what veterinarians will ask us when our dog is feeling unwell: “Is your pet eating?” And when they aren’t eating, sure enough, that’s one of the ways you can tell something could be incredibly wrong.

Most of us know our pets so well we already know something’s off before we even go to the vet. Like Marlo, who knew something was wrong with Bella before the vet confirmed it.

Her sweet dog, Bella, had completely lost her appetite and was rubbing at her mouth.

Marlo reached out to our team after she called a veterinarian to get a quote for the anticipated costs. Unfortunately, they could not give her an estimate without an initial visit to run some tests.

Since Marlo and Bella’s housing situation was unstable, Marlo had difficulty coming up with the funds needed for the first appointment.

She also shared with us that she struggles with poor mental health and physical health and that living on a fixed income has left her very housing insecure. Despite her challenges, caring for Bella and making sure she is happy and healthy is her first priority.

When our pets are unwell, it takes a toll on our spirits. Most, if not all, of us would put our pet’s needs before our own. This is what Marlo was doing—she knew she wouldn’t have peace of mind or the ability to take care of herself until she knew Bella was eating and healthy again.

It turns out that Bella needed some major dental work! Her teeth were causing her so much pain that she couldn’t bear to eat.

Thankfully, because of donations from supporters like YOU, our team ensured that Bella got the dental care she needed so she would no longer feel pain in her mouth and begin eating again! With your help, we ensured Bella’s dental work was paid for, giving Marlo peace of mind to know her best friend is healthy, and for the comfort of knowing she can turn her focus back to her own health.

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