Food for This Feline Family of 7!

Aug 2, 2023

Meet Armando’s feline family of former strays turned new family members: Boosi Gussi, Garfield, Matador de cucarachas, and Sox! 😻

Armando has always had a soft spot for cats. He is a proud cat dad to his feline family! Cats have always been a part of his life, and taking care of them brings him so much joy!

Having opened up his home to several strays before, Armando is no stranger to nurturing kitties. Especially kitties who have been left behind and need attention and care.

The Arizona Pet Project met Armando and his feline family during door-to-door Pets for Life outreach in South Phoenix. We learned all about his compassion and dedication to bringing in strays, and our team connected him with a bounty of resources to care for these beloved pets. This included offering to provide spay/neuter surgeries and extra cat food to ensure every single one of his feline family members would be well-fed through the rest of the summer!

When you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a loving pet family in our community–just like Armando’s feline family!

Our clients like Armando are playing a key role in our community and taking stray cats into their care to prevent pet overpopulation and prevent unnecessary euthanasia across Arizona.

Thank you for being a part of the solution! 

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