Arizona Pet Project and AAWL Partnership to Keep Pets Out of Shelters

Nov 10, 2023

Arizona Pet Project and AAWL Partnership to Strengthen Pet Resources

The Arizona Pet Project and Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) have recently formed an official partnership to address a growing concern in our community – the increasing number of families surrendering their pets due to financial difficulties and lack of affordable housing. This heartbreaking decision is often made because they believe it is the only option available to them.

A significant increase in pet surrenders has been witnessed across the community, mainly due to inflation and housing affordability crises. Families struggle to make ends meet and provide for their pets. This hardship urgently needs collaboration and innovative solutions to stop pets from entering shelters unnecessarily.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce this partnership between The Arizona Pet Project and Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL). By combining our efforts, we aim to offer a helping hand to families who feel they have no choice but to surrender their beloved pets. We believe pets are family, and pet owners should never have to make that heartbreaking choice.

Collaboration to Keep Pets and Their Families Together

A crucial component of this collaboration is the presence of an Arizona Pet Project social worker on-site at AAWL. This dedicated professional will be readily available to assist families in need, providing them with vital support and resources to prevent their pets from entering shelters.

The concept of shelter intervention has shown incredible success, including our ongoing partnership with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. By addressing the root causes of pet surrender, such as financial hardships and housing issues, we can provide families with the assistance they need to keep their pets with their owners and out of shelters, where they belong.

The Arizona Pet Project and AAWL understand the importance of supporting families during difficult times. We empower families to provide a loving and supportive environment for their pets by offering resources and guidance. 

The collaboration between The Arizona Pet Project and AAWL marks a significant step towards addressing the tremendous need in our community. By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of families and their beloved pets.

We invite other organizations, individuals, and the community to join our effort. Together, we can build a support network that keeps pets with their families during hardship. Extending a helping hand, we can make a lasting difference in pets’ and owners’ wellbeing and happiness.

If you or someone you know is facing the difficult decision of surrendering a pet, we urge you to reach out to The Arizona Pet Project or AAWL. Our dedicated team is here to provide the support and resources needed to keep families and pets together. Let’s work together toward a future where loving pet owners are never faced with the impossible decision of surrendering their animal companions!

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