Safety and Stability for Michelle and Kashi

Nov 11, 2020

Imagine facing the decision of sleeping on the streets or staying in an abusive and unsafe situation? Leaving your home in the hope of creating a better life for you and your dog even if it means being homeless demands great courage but is one that could possibly even save your life.

This was the terrible decision Michelle faced. Michelle knew she and her beloved furry family member, Kashi, simply had leave their situation so she made the brave decision to leave her home and everything she knew to find safety and stability.

With no family or friends who could take the two of them, she began looking for resources in the community. Her primary concern was making sure Kashi was safe and cared for. She found The Arizona Pet Project and spoke with our intervention counselor, Valerie, a trained social worker.

Thanks to your generosity, we secured and paid for temporary boarding for Kashi while Michelle began the tireless work of getting back on her feet. Knowing her dog was okay and that they would soon be together again was all the motivation she needed.

Even though Kashi was cared for, Valerie’s work on the case was not done and she began making calls to connect her with human service agencies. She gave Michelle contact information for Chandler iHelp, an organization that supports homeless men and women through a network of churches who provide a hot meal, a shower, and a place to sleep. With Valerie’s guidance, Michelle was accepted into the iHelp program immediately, and she secured a job in a Phoenix clinic shortly thereafter. Our counselor also introduced her to another program that provides gas vouchers so Michelle could get to and from her new workplace for training and visit Kashi until the magical day when they could be reunited.

Because of your compassionate support in making this program possible, Michelle secured an apartment and brought her dog Kashi back in 3 weeks! The happy and safe life she had dreamt of became a reality, all thanks to you.

When you donate to The Arizona Pet Project, you keep families together and empower loving pet owners to provide the very best care for their dogs and cats. By doing so, we keep pets at risk of being surrendered from entering overcrowded shelters, and instead in the loving arms of their families – right where they belong!

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