A Furever Family for Angel

Aug 10, 2023

Amy and her fiancé have always dreamed of having a little family of their own–a life filled with love, laughter, and furry little paws running around the house! And the day they rescued this little pup, they became one step closer to their dream!

That day, Amy became a bully-breed mom! When this tiny, blocky-headed sweetie pie looked up at them, it was love at first sight! And they named her Angel–she was truly heaven-sent. 

Having rescued this sweet dog from an uncertain fate, Amy’s family grew by one, and her heart swelled with joy!

Our team met Amy and Angel during community outreach while working with our partners at André House, a ministry to poor populations of the Phoenix area and those facing homelessness.

Amy and her fiancé are in the process of searching for sustainable housing, and as we’re sure you know, this is a nearly impossible feat for thousands of folks every day here across Phoenix.

Despite the challenges of finding affordable housing right now, this family is optimistic that soon they’ll all be moved in together under one roof, and their dream of having a home filled with fur babies can come true!

Thanks to generous donations from supporters like YOU, The Arizona Pet Project Team provided this family with a new harness, leash, puppy food, and a toy for their new family member, Angel! 

You provide loving pet families with the resources to keep their pets happy, healthy, and out of animal shelters!

So many of our clients you help through The Arizona Pet Project rescue cats and dogs from uncertain fates–keeping pets safe from unnecessary euthanasia and extending a helping hand to loving pet parents during their greatest moment of need!

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