Yvonne and Her 7 Pets Thank You!

Dec 13, 2021

Through our community clinics, you provide preventative spay/neuter surgery to nearly 60 cats and dogs each and every month! The families who attend our free clinics are our partners in lifesaving–they know how preventative spay/neuter can have an impact on preventing pet homelessness right here on our streets.

Families like Yvonne’s and her 7 cats and dogs who all needed to be fixed to avoid any accidental litters!

Yvonne has a huge heart and wants to help all people and pets! 

She goes out into her neighborhood and talks with her neighbors about their cats and dogs, and she educates people on the importance of spay/neuter here in Arizona. Because she is so active in the community, people know where to turn when they need to re-home their pets, which is how she ended up with seven!

Like you and I, Yvonne knows that it’s important to not pass judgment on how other people care for their pets. She understands that sharing information and leading by example, rather than shaming families, is the best way to change hearts, minds, behaviors, and lives.

But, what’s really special about Yvonne is that she’s connecting with people and opening up a conversation about how spaying even just 1 animal could not only help them live a longer and healthier life, but how it can transform an entire community and save dozens of lives!

Yvonne is a true advocate for people and pets and we’re so thankful that YOU were there for her to provide 7 spay/neuter surgeries for her cats and dogs that she brought to our clinic! THANK YOU!

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