Surviving Life’s Challenges Thanks to Gizmo

Nov 12, 2020

Alex lost his father to a rough battle with cancer, while taking care of his mother who suffers from severe fibromyalgia, and meanwhile he was quietly dealing with a traumatic divorce while continuing to provide for his step-children. Dealing with so much loss, heartbreak, stress, and sadness quickly led to a spiral of anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression.

Through it all, his lifeline keeping him afloat was his dog Gizmo. Alex rescued Gizmo when he was just a puppy and refers to him as is “fur son”. He is both family and Alex’s very best friend in the world.

Trying to navigate so many challenges occurring simultaneously took a toll both emotionally and physically. Alex explained he wouldn’t have even considered getting out of bed some days, but Gizmo made sure he did by licking his face and nudging him his nose. Looking at his little face full of hope and love helped Alex navigate his depression and seek help to heal.

Gizmo has loved Alex unconditionally and saw him through his darkest days, so when he suddenly fell ill, Alex was determined to do everything in his power to help him. Having spent all his savings on caring for his parents, he had little funding to cover expensive medical tests, but he used all he had to find out as much as he could. Unfortunately, after several tests, his doctor could not provide a clear diagnosis. Alex was still worried about Gizmo and arrived at the shelter hoping to find low-cost services to help his best friend feel better.

Our Shelter Intervention counselor, Daniel, met Alex in the lobby and sat down to learn what had brought him in. It was clear how much this dynamic duo loved and needed each other.

Thanks to the compassionate support of people like you, The Arizona Pet Project set up an appointment with our partner Phoenix Dog Cat Bird Hospital and paid to treat Gizmo for what was determined to be a bacterial infection. After some IV fluids, a course of antibiotics, and some prescription food, Gizmo began feeling better and was able to return home with Alex, the person who loves him most in the world.

During our routine follow-up phone call, Gizmo is reportedly 100% better and doing great. He and Alex are enjoying their time together and are looking to adopt another dog to join their family.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting families and pets just like Alex and Gizmo. We appreciate the difference you make in so many lives!

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