Who Rescued Whom?

Nov 12, 2020

To lose a child is unimaginable. For Mike, it was the impossible degree of suffering and pain from such a loss that led to drug use as a coping mechanism. His world was crashing down around him and his substance abuse soon landed him behind bars.

While he served his sentence, his family and friends further receded leaving him with no support system to speak of by the time he was released.

Mike was having trouble finding a job to support himself. With no friends or family to turn to for help getting back on his feet, turning back to drugs was tempting.

Just when he questioned his determination to stay sober, Mike found a lonely stray pup wandering the streets.

He took in the dog and after no owner could be located, he decided to keep him and named him Ike. Mike credits Ike as the reason he has stayed clean. He knows his furry family member depends on him for walks, food, care, and affection. When Mike struggles with feelings associated with the tragic loss of his child, Ike always knows and is quick to provide comfort.

Mike and Ike have faced homelessness in the past, but they have always had each other. Today, Mike holds a steady job as a painter and works long hours to make ends. He has secured a place for him and Ike to call their own, but their budget is very tight.

Ike recently got loose and was brought into Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Mike rushed down to the shelter to bring him home. He arrived with Ike’s favorite toy in hand and couldn’t wait to hug him again.

There was just one problem. Mike could not afford the return to owner fees to bring Ike home. The thought was simply unbearable as Ike is his only family.

Because of compassionate people like you, The Arizona Pet Project made sure Mike and Ike were reunited!

With your help, we paid the return to owner fees, provided dog food and a tote filled with pet supplies, and connected Mike with human resources to help with clothing and access to food for himself as well.

Mike was deeply grateful for your kindness and support and broke down in tears the moment Ike jumped into his arms, his tail wagging with joy to be with his dad again!

A pet can be the catalyst for positive life changes, improved mental and physical health, and enjoying happy days and moments of bliss once again. We think everyone deserves such monumental friendship and it’s often those who need it most of all that require assistance.

When you support The Arizona Pet Project, this is the life-saving impact you have and we are so grateful!

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