Dracula the Kitten Healed his Broken Femur Thanks to YOU!

Oct 28, 2021

Last year, we met this sweet kitten named Dracula. At just 4-months old, Dracula suffered a broken femur. Dracula‘s human, Amber, rushed him to the vet right away.

When Amber heard the news that it would cost close to $5000 to get him the help he needed, she was absolutely crushed. She didn’t have the funds to cover such expensive care.

Thanks to a quick-thinking referral from The Arizona Humane Society, we were able to coordinate surgery for Dracula for less than a quarter of the original quote! AHS pitched in to cover 1/3 of the cost, Amber covered 1/3, and thanks to YOUR help, and we covered the remaining 1/3!

Amber says, “I almost had to give Dracula up. But because of The Arizona Pet Project, I get to keep him! I appreciate you all more than words – I can’t thank you enough!”

Quote reads "I almost had to give Dracula up. But because of The Arizona Pet Project, I get to keep him!"

Because of supporters like you, The Arizona Pet Project is able to support families facing hardship while caring for their pets.

Dealing with a pet’s medical emergency is hard enough, and we never want to see a family have to choose between paying for their pet’s emergency medical bills or their family’s basic necessities. Thankfully because of supporters like you, Amber did not have to make that choice and was able to keep Dracula by her side–right where he belongs! 

This is exactly why The Arizona Pet Project has spent over $130,000 on emergency medical intervention for Arizona families and their pets over the past year alone.

When you support The Arizona Pet Project, you are helping even MORE families and their beloved animal companions–cats like Dracula and cat moms like Amber!

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