Helping a Family Avoid Homelessness


Did you know, for some in our community, a rabies license can mean the difference between having a roof over your head or ending up on the streets? What an impact one shiny silver tag clipped to your dog’s collar can make.

Unfortunately, Dwayne is no stranger to homelessness. A few years ago, while living in Los Angeles, he was in his backyard playing with his dogs, Boris Yeltsin and Shorty, when his phone rang. Little did he know it was a call that would forever change his life.

BorisWhen Dwayne answered, he learned his partner of 20 years had tragically passed away. The grief hit him like a ton of bricks and he fell to the ground. His heart was broken. Dwayne laid there for a long time and cried until there were no tears left. He was so physically and emotionally exhausted, he couldn’t muster the strength to get up. He wondered if he would ever be able to rise again. Through it all, Boris and Shorty sat by his side. They licked his tears and laid quietly next to him. Boris and Shorty were content to stay there as long as Dwayne needed. What a powerful display of how our pets provide healing and unconditional love.

With the depression of losing his partner taking over his life, Dwayne quickly found himself on the rough streets of L.A. He made the decision to move to Phoenix in hopes of a fresh start and a promising job prospect. Sadly, the job fell through and he and his dogs found themselves homeless again.

He immediately sought local resources and got himself on the waiting list for transitional housing. Thankfully, it was not long before Dwayne and his dogs were able to get out of the heat and secure a roof over their head through a transitional program.

They thought things were finally looking up, but then the shelter staff discovered Boris and Shorty were not up to date on their vaccines nor did they have a valid rabies license. Dwayne and his dogs were going to lose their shelter once again if he could not provide proof of services by the end of the day. Dwayne was just getting back on his feet and simply did not have the hundred dollars to vaccinate and license both dogs.

Boris and ShortyThanks to your generous donations, The Arizona Pet Project covered these fees for this family in order to keep them in their housing program. Now Boris and Shorty are up to date on vaccines and are proudly sporting the silver rabies license tag on their collars- all thanks to the kindness of people like YOU!

For less than $100, we kept this family together and off the hot streets. Will you make a donation for $5 Friday so we can assist even more deserving families in our community, just like Boris, Shorty, and Dwayne?


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