Urgent Care for Cats like Kaylee

Mar 7, 2024

Providing urgent care for cats like Kaylee is possible thanks to donations to The Arizona Pet Project!

As a cat lover, you may know what it’s like to see your feline family member express their discomfort. One day, you may wake up and discover they are acting like a completely different cat. Or maybe they try to tell you something is wrong by squinting or closing their eyes or tensing up their face.

Keith, a loving cat dad, knew instantly something was wrong with his sweet Kaylee girl when she was not acting like herself. Almost to his disbelief, his cat dad’s instincts were right, and he discovered Kaylee had a mysterious open sore on her body. Horrendously worried, Keith knew Kaylee needed veterinary care right away.

As a veteran in our community, Keith knows what resources are available to him when times get tough. His financial situation was dire, and he simply could not afford urgent vet care to heal Kaylee’s open sore without losing a roof over his head. He utilized his network of veteran support, and that’s when he was connected with our team!

Our social worker team scheduled Keith and Kaylee an appointment at one of our low-cost veterinary partners, Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital, and got Kaylee the veterinary care she so desperately needed!

Keith is immensely grateful to our donors for ensuring his Kaylee girl got the care she needed and is all patched up and healing. Best of all, Kaylee is back to acting like herself, and Keith can breathe easier knowing his best friend is no longer in pain!

When you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a loving pet family when they need it most. Through our organization, you help our community’s most vulnerable residents, including veterans, with basic (and often life-saving) care for them and their beloved pets. Thank you!

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