This Cat Family of 7 Thanks You!

May 15, 2024

Our team helped Mark, who took in 7 (eek!) of his brother’s cats when he passed away.

We were so touched when Mark shared that he felt “it was the right thing to do” when his brother passed away to ensure his cats remained together.

After honoring his brother by stepping up for his cats, Mark has been with his new feline family for some time now.

But now that he is living on a fixed income, it’s become increasingly difficult for him to budget all of the expenses that come with caring for all of them—and even harder when one of the cats gets sick and needs veterinary care.

It’s important to Mark to keep the cats together—after all, they are his brother’s family. So when he heard about The Arizona Pet Project, he reached out to our team for help.

Our social worker was able to chat with Mark, offered guidance about long-term care, and learned what his biggest challenges are right now–including how one of his cats, Zippy, showed signs of respiratory issues.

Thankfully, because of donations from compassionate people like YOU, our team was able to cover the costs needed to have Zippy seen and treated to ensure he’s breathing well and on the road to feeling better! 😻

Our team was extremely touched to hear Mark’s story, and even more grateful he knew about our organization and reached out for guidance and support!

Each time you donate to The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a loving pet family like Mark and his brother’s 7 cats. Thank you! 

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