Tamara, Buster, and Bailey are Reunited, Thanks to You!

Jan 16, 2024

Your donations to The Arizona Pet Project covered the costs to board Tamara’s dogs, Buster and Bailey, while she underwent major surgery that was both risky and complicated. As if the fear of the procedure weren’t enough, she had the added worry of who would care for her pets while she had the medical treatment she so desperately needed. This was something our team was honored to be able to take off her shoulders!

What would you do if you got sick and had no support system to lean on to help you care for your pet?

Many pet families you help with temporary boarding through The Arizona Pet Project are in similar situations. And when they are ready to bring their pets home, each one of the reunions between the people we help and their pets, like this one of Tamara, Buster, and Bailey’s, is just as tear-jerkingly sweet.

With your support, our staff had the resources to ensure Buster and Bailey were kept happy and healthy while their dog mom was on her road to healing, and they could be reunited again! 

And this video says it all, really. The best thing for a pet parent in times of healing is the warm embrace of their animal companion! Pets can save our lives—and having them around helps improve our mental and physical health!

Thank you to Tamara for allowing us to share this intimate moment with our community and remind everyone who follows us that at any moment, life could change, and it’s reassuring to know there are resources out there like The Arizona Pet Project to help keep pet families together in times of distress.

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