The Arizona Pet Project Meets With Tucson Organizations To Help Families and Pets in Pima County

Sep 8, 2023

The Arizona Pet Project (AZPP) recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet with numerous community organizations in Tucson last month. Our focus is to provide our lifesaving services in Pima County and work alongside Pima County organizations to support their efforts in keeping people and pets together and address housing insecurity, homelessness, and crisis for families with pets.

Throughout The Arizona Pet Project’s Tucson visits last month, we were fortunate to meet with over 24 organizations! Each one graciously shared their knowledge and insights into the Tucson community, allowing us to understand better the needs and challenges that exist in the area. The feedback and guidance we received from these organizations have been invaluable. They have not only helped AZPP identify areas where our services can be most useful, but they have also provided us with a clearer picture of how we can best support their work.

Among the organizations we had the pleasure of meeting with were the City of Tucson, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona, Pima County Behavioral Health, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, Sister Jose Women’s Center, Pima County on Aging, Compass Affordable Housing, Emerge, Pima County Library, Old Pueblo Community Services, Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, and more.

Each organization brought a unique perspective to the table, offering valuable insights into the diverse needs of the Tucson community. From addressing behavioral health issues to providing affordable housing solutions, they all play a vital role in creating a thriving community for both people and pets. AZPP is thrilled to be expanding our services to Tucson and are grateful for the warm welcome we have received from these organizations. Their dedication to improving the lives of pets and their owners aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are eager to collaborate with them to positively impact pet owners living in Pima County!

We firmly believe we can create a community where pets are cherished, and families are supported. That is why AZPP is committed to providing resources, education, and assistance to ensure that pets and their owners can stay together, even in challenging circumstances.

AZPP is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in Tucson and excited to continue to provide support with our social worker located in Tucson! We are confident that thanks to these remarkable organizations, we will have the knowledge and tools needed that will enable us to make a real difference in the lives of countless pets and their families living in Southern Arizona.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the community organizations in Tucson that have welcomed us with open arms and helped pave the way for our services in Pima County. Together, we can build a stronger, more compassionate community for everyone, both human and furry.

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