The Arizona Pet Project Expands to Southern Arizona with a Social Worker in Tucson

Aug 21, 2023

In March, we shared the big news that we are expanding services statewide. Now, we’ve officially opened shop in Southern Arizona with the placement of an Arizona Pet Project social worker in Tucson!

The Governor’s office has made possible this incredible opportunity to address housing insecurity, homelessness, and crisis for families with pets through an American Rescue Plan Act grant! 

Pets are widely acknowledged for their impressive ability to enhance their human companions’ social, emotional, and physical well-being. This invaluable bond is essential in preventing crises and aiding people with coping mechanisms during difficult situations. It is, however, important to acknowledge that pets can occasionally impede access to human care. But that’s where your support makes all the difference!

The Arizona Pet Project has hired a Crisis and Shelter Intervention Counselor stationed in Tucson to meet the needs of people and pets in Southern Arizona!

Our team has established relationships with organizations in the region. This includes behavioral health, housing, animal welfare, domestic violence, veterans’, and government entities. These partnerships are essential in bridging the gaps between animal welfare and human service organizations locally. And ensuring we keep pets with families and out of the shelter!

By expanding our activities and collaborating, we can unite different sectors to achieve a common goal. Together, we work toward promoting the well-being of people and their pets in our community. To accomplish this, we provide them with direct services and support. And these services through The Arizona Pet Project’s social worker in Tucson are available just in the nick of time! The City of Tucson Needs Assessment of Adults Experiencing Homelessness 2023 has recognized pet-related barriers to shelter and stable housing.

The Arizona Pet Project will expand services into Tucson, addressing the historical gap by assisting households with pets experiencing crisis, homelessness, or housing instability with pet deposits and temporary boarding. Our team is delighted to share we have begun accepting requests for assistance in and around Tucson! If you or someone you know is at-risk of losing their pet due to housing instability and needs assistance in Southern Arizona, please complete this online form.

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