Thanks to YOU, Tucker went from being a Feral Cat to a Furever Companion!

May 3, 2021

When we see a feral cat on the street, our hearts ache. We know that feral cats face an uncertain fate and a life of hardship. But today, we want to share a heartwarming story with you about a feral cat who was fortunate enough to find a forever home…and thanks to supporters like YOU, this cat is now happy, healthy, and with its new loving family!

Meet Tucker–Tucker was living outside and had been tagged and released into a feral colony. When Amber first found Tucker, it was love at first sight. But the feelings were not mutual at first. Amber says that when she approached Tucker, he was scared of anything that moved and it took a while before he finally gained her trust. After spending some time with Tucker enough for him to feel comfortable around her, Amber brought Tucker to a vet.

During Tucker’s visit to the vet, Amber learned that he had stomatitis. This diagnosis meant that Amber would likely have to pay to have all of Tucker’s teeth removed to improve the quality of his life. The cost? $1,500. But, Amber was ready and able to pay this steep veterinary fee. That is until her car’s transmission went out just 2 days before Tucker’s operation.

Amber lost her job due to COVID-19, but she was managing okay with her savings until her car failed. She was 100% ready and able to step up and care for Tucker and pay his expensive medical bills right up until her transmission and her suspension failed. Having to choose between sweet Tucker and an operable vehicle (something she needs to get back into the workforce) left her feeling defeated. Desperate for a solution, Amber contacted The Arizona Pet Project to see what could be done to help Tucker get him the medical care he so desperately needed.

Thanks to generous donations from supporters like YOU, The Arizona Pet Project paid for Tucker’s necessary surgery to treat his stomatitis and at greatly reduced rates! We checked in with Amber recently and she says that Tucker is doing AMAZING! And he’s fitting right in with his rescued siblings! Trying to hold back her tears, Amber told us that Tucker is SO much more playful and active than he’s ever been.

When you support The Arizona Pet Project and make your most generous donation today, you are helping even MORE families and their beloved animal companions–pets like Tucker and people like Amber, who selflessly took a feral cat into her home to give him a better life!

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