Thank you for helping Maggie recover from Valley Fever!

Sep 2, 2021

Maggie May, a beautiful 125 pound Great Pyrenees, is Susan’s best friend and animal companion! Our team met them after Susan contacted us asking for help to get her a ramp so that her dog, Maggie, could get into their home since she was limping and having some difficulty going up the stairs.

While our team was more than happy to help Susan get a ramp for Maggie, we wanted to investigate why Maggie was limping to give her the best treatment possible.

As it turned out, Maggie was diagnosed with Valley Fever.

dog smiling outside in the desert

Valley Fever is a dust-borne, non-contagious fungal infection that is commonly found in the Southwest (and often causes limping or swelling in the legs making it difficult for dogs to walk).

Because of Maggie’s diagnosis, Susan decided to visit her doctor to get checked for Valley Fever, too. During her appointment with her doctor, Susan learned she had a severe iron deficiency and needed a blood transfusion.

Susan lives on a fixed income, and while she can afford primary care for herself and her dog, the problem was she couldn’t afford the extra expense of treating herself and her dog.

When a medical emergency happens, even the most prepared families can face financial hardship.

quote reads "Thank you for helping my fur baby, Maggie May, during her ongoing recovery"

It’s incredibly heartbreaking for a pet parent to be faced with the decision of having to choose between caring for their pet or caring for themselves.

Thankfully, YOU were there to help Maggie get the medical care she so desperately needed so Susan could get the blood transfusion she needed! Since Valley Fever can take several months to run its course, our counselor ensured Maggie had the medication she needed for the next couple of months while her Valley Fever was being treated.

Dealing with a pet’s medical emergency is hard enough, and we never want to see a family have to choose between paying for their pet’s emergency medical bills or their family’s basic necessities.

This is exactly why The Arizona Pet Project has spent over $130,000 on emergency medical intervention for Arizona families and their pets over the past year alone.

We are so happy to share that Maggie May is feeling MUCH better now and she can run up the stairs to her home!

Susan is SO thrilled you were there for her and her sweet Maggie when they needed a helping hand! Susan says she is so grateful to you for helping with “her fur baby’s ongoing recovery!”

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