The Life-Changing Magic of the Human-Animal Bond

Nov 12, 2020

Have you ever had a pet come into your life at just the right time? The human-animal bond is heart-warming, magical, and can provide the strength and hope we need to overcome life’s greatest challenges.

Autumn became homeless as a result of substance abuse and had been living on the streets of Phoenix for 6 months when she came across a stray chihuahua roaming the area all alone. She asked around and searched for an owner, but no one ever came forward to claim the dog.

Autumn and Little Momma

The two instantly bonded and Autumn affectionately named her Little Momma. Caring for a furry companion gave her a sense of purpose and brought her a great deal of joy. Little Momma became Autumn’s family and she was determined to do everything she could to provide the best care for her. Autumn made a commitment to focus on her sobriety and began accessing resources so, someday, they could have a home to call their own. In a short period of time, Autumn had turned things around and qualified for a sober living program that would get her off the streets. There was just one problem- the program required proof of vaccinations and that all pets entering with their owners be spayed or neutered.

Rather than give up the stray dog who had rescued her, Autumn would have chosen to live on the streets…even with summer soon approaching.

Thankfully, because of the generosity of people like YOU, Autumn didn’t have to make the impossible choice between being homeless or surrendering Little Momma.

With your support, The Arizona Pet Project paid to have Little Momma spayed and vaccinated and covered the cost to treat a condition called cherry eye so that she would be perfectly healthy when reunited with her mom. By doing so, Autumn and Little Momma were able to go into transitional housing through the sober living program. We recently heard they are doing well, and best of all, should be moving into permanent housing soon! A place to call their own- just what Autumn had hoped to give her beloved, furry friend.

Little Momma may be small in stature, but her capacity to love had a life-changing effect. The endless benefits from the special relationships we share with animals are what inspire The Arizona Pet Project to support families and save pet lives.

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