Temporary Boarding for Pets like Petunia Plum and Easter

Aug 5, 2022

Temporary Boarding for Pets

After Julie filled out our Request for Assistance form, The Arizona Pet Project placed her cats in temporary boarding so that they would be safe and sheltered while Julie looked for a new home that would accept her pet family. 

When Julie’s fiance passed away, her cats were her greatest comfort. Amid her grief, Julie realized she would not be able to keep her home because the housing voucher that paid for their home was in his name. This stomach-turning realization turned her grief into sheer panic when the harsh reality set in. To make matters even worse, Julie contracted COVID, causing her to miss work and lose income. And now, her dire situation turned into an impossible one. 
Easter and Petunia Plum, Julie’s beloved cats, provided her with unconditional love and comfort through this unimaginably painful time in her life. Their warm cuddles gave Julie the hope and purpose she needed each and every day.

Julie knew in her heart that she would never surrender her cats to the shelter, but she was quickly running out of housing options.

She was able to secure a housing voucher for herself, but she could not find a landlord that would allow her cats to move in with her without a hefty pet deposit she simply could not afford. 

Looking to her friends and family for assistance, Julie’s friend suggested she reach out to The Arizona Pet Project.

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How You Impacted This Family

In addition to providing temporary boarding for her pets, The Arizona Pet Project also provided them with pet housing resources and Maricopa County suggested pet vaccines which would make it easier for Julie to find a landlord who would take her on as a tenant with pets. And it worked! Julie found a home for them to move into.

Thanks to donations to The Arizona Pet Project, we also paid the required pet deposit fees so Julie and her cats could be reunited quickly and help ease them all into their new home during their difficult time. 

Every time you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to families in crisis just like Julie and her 2 cats. Just like how you kept this family together by providing temporary boarding for Easter and Petunia Plum!

Families in our community are finding it more and more difficult to locate affordable housing in Phoenix that accepts pets. While this can be manageable for some, for families like Julie’s facing it can be impossible. Thankfully, our community is there to bring compassion and support to people and pets in need.

Pets are incredibly healing, and during the darkest moments of life, our cats and dogs bring us comfort and hope to carry on. Thank you for your compassion and for helping to keep Easter and Petunia Plum safe until Julie could find a new home for them to all move into, together! 

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