Continuing GrandPaws Pantry

May 1, 2024

An innovative 10 years old girl named Sonya formed GrandPaws Pantry back in 2016 to serve at-risk Arizona seniors and their pets by providing them with pet food.

Fast forward to today, Sonya is graduating from high school and headed off to college to pursue her next chapter in life! 

What’s Next for GrandPaws Pantry

We’re Taking Over Their Existing Clients, Ensuring These Families Continue To Receive Access to Pet Food…Undisrupted!

Needing to focus on her education, Sonya is stepping away from GrandPaws Pantry and leaving the families she was serving in our hands.

Recognizing these individuals who were receiving support from Sonya and GrandPaws Pantry still need pet food, The Arizona Pet Project has agreed to step in and fulfill the responsibility of caring for Sonya’s existing clients!

Our team took this photo with Sonya on her last pet food delivery day. 

Here are some of Sonya’s parting words she shared on Facebook to her supporters of GrandPaws Pantry over the years:

I began GrandPaws Pantry in 2016, when I was 10 years old, because I saw a need in my community and I wanted to do something to help. Since then, so much has happened and I am incredibly proud of the assistance provided to so many seniors and their companion pets. It’s been my honor to advocate on their behalf and bring attention to their needs.

After careful consideration, I am excited to introduce you to The Arizona Pet Project. Their wonderful team is commitment to keeping pets and people together, and over the next several months, our organizations will be in coordination to make the transition for existing seniors with companion pets needing pet food assistance as seamless as possible.


GrandPaws Pantry

We invite you to join us in celebrating Sonya and all she’s done through GrandPaws Pantry by making a donation of $20.24 in her honor as a 2024 graduate headed off to college! 🎓

All donations through this page will be allocated to purchase pet supplies to support her GrandPaws Pantry clients!

Thank you for helping The Arizona Pet Project continue Sonya’s important work and impact through GrandPaws Pantry!

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