Veterinary Care


Facing Veterinary Care Challenges?

How to prevent and prepare for costly veterinary care

Pets do come with expenses and it’s something to consider and budget before obtaining a new pet. Some veterinary costs are expected, such as supplies and annual vet exams. But sometimes a dog or cat can become ill, requiring more extensive and frequent visits to the vet.

There are organizations that exist to help in certain scenarios, but most are on an application basis, so expect a process. You can always reach out to the following organizations for further suggestions.

As a pet owner, there are actions you can take to prevent, prepare for, and address costly medical issues:

Make preventative care a priority

  • This means annual exams, keeping vaccinations up to date, spaying/neutering, parasite protection, exercise, appropriate diet, and regular dental care.
  • Not fulfilling preventative actions could lead to greater and costlier health issues in the future.

Consider pet health insurance

  • There are different pet health insurance companies and plans that help cover routine and emergency care.
  • Talk to your vet about pet insurance.
  • Always check with pet insurance companies on breed restrictions.

Consider a savings account for emergencies

  • If you’re able to, putting away a reasonable amount of money each month could help you prepare for a medical need or emergency for a pet.

Apply for Care Credit

  • Care Credit is a personal form of credit for healthcare for the while family, including your pet.

Utilize resources

  • Take your pet to a low-cost vet clinic to alleviate financial stress.
  • Talk to a vet and inquire about payment plans for emergencies or costly procedures.

Low-Cost Vet Clinics

There are organizations in the Valley that are available to provide assistance. Most will require an application and have some eligibility requirements. Contact directly for more information.

Vet Care Assistance

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