Insulin for Mommie the Cat

Feb 8, 2023

Judy has a very special bond with her cat, Mommie. Mommie has been in Judy’s care since Judy first found her as an abandoned kitten on a busy street.

Since that day, these two have been inseparable. Over the years, Judy has grown to rely on Mommie for emotional support, even more so after their house tragically burned down.

Despite their challenges, they were managing the expensive costs of insulin for Mommie’s diabetes, but then, money got tighter and tighter, and suddenly, Judy was faced with having to choose: keep a roof over her head or use what little money she had to buy Mommie’s insulin.

Judy was heartbroken. She didn’t have the money to get Mommie the insulin she desperately needed. Luckily, she heard about The Arizona Pet Project!

Thanks to donations to The Arizona Pet Project, our team was able to provide medical resources and cover the cost of the insulin they needed to get Mommie and Judy through this tough time.

She is immensely grateful and wanted us to pass along a thank you message from her:

Mommie is an old soul and is always by my side. I love her dearly. She suffers from diabetes. When I reached out to The Arizona Pet Project for assistance, they helped Mommie with her insulin and the tests she needed. We are forever grateful. Blessings to you.”

Every time you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to a person and a pet in need. Thank you!

cat looking off camera

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