Caturday Came Early This Week!

Nov 12, 2020

Do you need a cute face and happy story to get you through Friday?

Meet Cobie!

This little sweetheart was part of a litter born to a feral cat. She was living on the roof of a school in the Guadalupe community. On the very last day of the school year, she decided it was time to bring the kittens down. A compassionate teacher and a local cat advocate stepped in to help this feline family.

Mama cat was spayed to prevent any future litters and all of the kittens found loving families.

Cobie went home to a family with kids to play with and a dog brother named Caleb!

The best part of this story? His new dog brother is a 90 pound Great Pyrenees mix- which must look like a giant polar bear to a kitten this size!

Cobie’s mom explained the unlikely pair loves to play and snuggle-can you imagine such a sight?

Cobie and Mom

Thanks to you – our kindhearted supporters, Cobie was neutered and vaccinated at our community clinic last weekend. He even got to reunite with his siblings when they each arrived with their new families!

We are so grateful for your support to empower loving families to keep their furry members happy and healthy. Providing these services prevents future litters of kittens and helps reduce shelter intake and euthanasia.

We hope knowing you helped Cobie and his family, in addition to 35 other pets last weekend, was the purrfect way to wrap up your week!

Thank you for your commitment to pets and the people who love them.

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