You Kept Barclay and Minnie Mouse Together!

Dec 26, 2022

Barclay and his best friend, Minnie Mouse, were suddenly evicted from their home with nowhere to go. Finding even one place he could afford that was also pet-friendly in such a short time was an impossible task.

On his way to the shelter, all he could think about was his hope that Minnie Mouse would find a family who could put a roof over her head, something he couldn’t do.

One of The Arizona Pet Project counselors learned about their situation and knew they could help. When we told Barclay that we could take care of Minnie Mouse with temporary boarding for a few weeks while he found a new home, he was emotionally beside himself. He felt immense relief that he would not have to say goodbye to his best friend! 

Each time you support The Arizona Pet Project, you extend a helping hand to families and pets in need in our community—families just like Barclay and Minnie Mouse! Thank you!

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