Baby Gurl in Bullhead City Thanks You!

Jul 19, 2023

Baby Gurl, a sweet and loving dog, lives with her human parents in a self-described, run-down RV in the Bullhead City desert. Their RV is the barrier between the family and homelessness. Despite their difficult living situation, Baby Gurl’s family adores her and wants to give her the best life possible.

When Baby Gurl’s family reached out to The Arizona Pet Project for assistance, our team quickly got to work, gathering resources to help them care for Baby Gurl. This included providing Baby Gurl with veterinary care at no cost to her family. 

medium-sized dog tethered to a light pink leash

Earlier this year, The Arizona Pet Project was granted funds from the Governor’s office to expand our life-saving services to the entire State of Arizona! 

This was a significant milestone for The Arizona Pet Project, and a huge accomplishment thanks to supporters like you!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to sustain services across the State after the grant period ends, but our team is immensely motivated, especially when we hear the stories of clients across all four corners of Arizona that now have access to our services.

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