Support for The Arizona Homeless Community and Their Pets

Oct 20, 2022

The Arizona Pet Project Supports the Arizona Homeless Community and Their Beloved Pets

The Arizona Pet Project is piloting our NEW Homeless Community Counselor role to support the Arizona homeless community this fall. So, what does this mean for our organization?

Our new Homeless Community Counselor is dedicated to supporting our unhoused neighbors with pets within Maricopa County with homeless services, resources, resources, and supplies by taking a street outreach approach.

We will connect with people and pets currently living in homeless shelters, in encampments, on the street, and in cars. Our team will provide Arizona’s homeless community with care for themselves and their pets to provide critical veterinary care, supplies, support, and access to safe shelter and housing.

Do you or someone you know need to request assistance? Please fill out this form. 

Piloting a New Role Dedicated to Supporting Our Homeless Community

People with pets feel purpose. And this is *especially* true for people experiencing homelessness. We have seen how transformative the human-animal bond can be. Just how much a pet’s unconditional love provides mental and physical health benefits and can reduce substance abuse.

With even MORE exciting news to share, we’re so thrilled to announce The Arizona Pet Project was selected by Barney’s Friends to receive $10,000 in grant funding in support of veterinary care for sick and injured animals of people experiencing homelessness.

Support the important work we’re doing in our community by joining Barney’s Friends in making a donation to The Arizona Pet Project today

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