The Arizona Pet Project

Supporting Families & Saving Pets like Bam Bam!

man bent over and hugging his dog

This happy reunion photo is brought to you by…you!

The night Thomas’ house caught on fire, and he thought he had lost his best friend, Bam Bam, was the worst night of his life.

A couple of weeks later, when Bam Bam turned up at a local animal shelter, he was relieved to know his best boy was safe. But, after spending everything he had on rebuilding after the fire, he couldn’t afford the fees to get him out.

Thanks to our supporters, our team covered the costs of the return-to-owner fees needed to reunite Bam Bam and Thomas.

Today, dozens of beloved pets, just like Bam Bam, are waiting in the shelter because their loving families can’t afford the fees. Will you make a generous donation today to bring beloved pets home to their families, where they belong?