Compassion Crew

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The Compassion Crew is a community of monthly donors committed to ending pet homelessness.

Treat a Pet!

Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives, and that’s why we work to empower families to provide the best care for the dogs and cats they love.

The Arizona Pet Project’s mission of supporting families and saving pets is what sparked the creation of the Compassion Crew because we know, like us, you believe in treating pets with love and kindness. Our goal is to build a team of big-hearted humans, just like you, who want to see all pets treated in the same way you care for your own cherished companions.

With you on our crew, we will elevate the human-animal bond while preventing pet homelessness and euthanasia.

Your Monthly Donation Supports Families and Saves Pets


Free Spay and Neuter

You provide free surgeries in neighborhoods with the highest need

Preventive Care

You cover the cost of vaccinations, pain medication, and e-collars for spay and neuter clients to keep pets healthy

Shelter Intervention

You keep pets with the people who need them most by providing alternatives to surrender


You help us empower families to care for and keep their pets through resources and support

What Does Your Monthly Gift Mean?

Direct Impact

Whatever your monthly gift, it accumulates to support more families and save more pet lives in our community.

Plans For The Future

Sustained donations allow The Arizona Pet Project to expand and innovate.

Direct Involvement

Your commitment allows you to be more closely involved through special updates and opportunities.

All Compassion Crew members will receive a decal sticker to show their support for The Arizona Pet Project! Members who make a monthly gift of $25 or above will receive 10% off tickets for our signature events, including SNIFF and the HERO Awards.

Additional levels will receive The Arizona Pet Project swag items like t-shirts and canvas bags.

Continued Support For Pets and Families

A family’s need for assistance can arise suddenly, but month after month your gift can provide resources to help when someone unexpectedly loses their job, a loved one, or their home, all of which can put a pet at risk of being surrendered.

The Arizona Pet Project

Supporting Families. Saving Pets.

You’re making a difference by keeping pets happy, healthy, and with their families.

To set up your recurring gift, be sure to check the box below that says “Make Recurring Gift” and select your desired frequency.

Thank You to Our Founding Compassion Crew Members!

  • Mary Adler
  • Jennifer Alafa
  • Herbert Borovansky
  • Jill Borovansky
  • Dennis Cole
  • Megan Conner
  • Cynthia Estrella
  • Jane Fastiggi
  • Bruce Haseley
  • Mark Hilliard
  • Heather Iorillo
  • William Jackson
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Nicole Kaseta
  • Art Lee
  • Tamara Reddy
  • Tracyann Mains
  • Cheryl Naumann
  • Sandra Olic
  • Jane Alfano Rasor
  • Sean Rodriguez
  • Kristofer Royer
  • Karin Royle
  • Marlene Sager
  • Alyssa Samuelson
  • Jayme Warmuth
  • Linda Whitaker
  • Rena Glitsos

Be Part Of The Long-Term Solution.

Join The Arizona Pet Project in supporting families and saving lives!