Your Kindness is a Life-Saving Gift (Sharing Your Impact on an Anonymous Domestic Violence Case)

This story might be hard to read. But, it’s much, much harder to live. And that’s the reality for the person we’re going to introduce you to today, we’ll call her Jane. You see, it’s your kindness and support that helped Jane survive. It’s your kindness and support that kept Jane together with her family – her three dogs who are quite literally everything in the world to her.

To protect the safety of this family, the photo is a stock image and names have been changed.

When we connected with Jane, she was alone, extremely depressed, and incredibly afraid. She had recently fled with her dogs, from an abuser who she had suffered with for over 10 years.

She had lived in foster care from a young age after being abandoned by her parents, first her mother and then her father. She went straight from foster care to the home of her abuser, never experiencing love.

Feeling alone, figuratively and physically, she was able to pay for a few nights in a motel with her dogs but had absolutely nowhere to go when her meager funds ran out. Jane was feeling helpless and was clinging to the hope that she would find a solution for somewhere to safely go with her dogs, her only source of comfort and security.

Can you imagine how she must have felt?

Thankfully, the kindness of people like YOU meant Jane could find safety when she really needed it and keep her family with her. We were able to provide temporary boarding for her pets so she could get to shelter and safety quickly.

She told us she doesn’t understand why everyone is being so nice to her, the feeling is so foreign. No one should ever have to feel that way. Your kindness is a life-saving gift.

Jane and her pets are one of the many families struggling this holiday season. Will you consider making a donation today, so we can provide assistance to more families and pets in crisis?