Your Compassion Kept Roberta and Ozzy Together!

Difference You Make

Dear friend,


A word that strikes fear in the heart and has deeply affected so many families, including mine. So, I can only imagine the range of emotions Roberta underwent when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to prepare herself for the long road of treatment she would face.

After watching two aunts and an uncle go through chemotherapy, I know how challenging it is when done properly, let alone when the port is installed incorrectly causing poisonous chemicals to pool in one location landing you in the hospital and on death’s doorstep. This is what happened to Roberta.

She spent three weeks recovering in the ICU, and because of the time she had to take off from work, she lost her job leaving her to wonder how in the world she would pay the tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills she would soon face.

When she was finally released to go home, she arrived to find a stack of statements looming on her kitchen counter.

Roberta with her dog, OzzyHer eyes were weary and all she wanted to do was collapse into her bed in hopes she would wake from this nightmare. But as she passed the pile, she noticed a letter at the top of the stack highlighted in red. It was a notice that her dog Ozzy’s rabies license was overdue.

We know these are gentle reminders, but for many families we’ve interacted with there is some misunderstanding and they fear that by not paying the fee their animal will be confiscated.

The thought of losing her dog, who has been her rock throughout her illness, was more than she could bear. 

In a panic, Roberta reached out to The Arizona Pet Project for assistance because the $42 cost for the rabies vaccine and license, was simply $42 more than she had.

Thanks to the incredible compassion of people like you- our generous supporters, The Arizona Pet Project was able to pay for Ozzy’s rabies vaccine and license ensuring he was up to date and in compliance. Your generosity also provided a neuter surgery, additional vaccines, and dog food so that Roberta could provide the very best care for her companion, and source of comfort and strength. Pets embody all that we celebrate this holiday season- joy, love, healing and hope. The families we assist, thanks to you, benefit greatly from the special bond they share with their animals.

As we gather with the humans and pets we love during this special time of year, we ask that you make your most generous donation to ensure families in need can do the same.

With a gift of just $50, we can help another family just like Roberta afford the rabies vaccine and license for their pet. When you donate $100, we’ll be able to cover the shelter fee to return a lost pet to their family, and a contribution of $300 keeps a dog or cat out of the shelter and with the people who love them most for the holidays.

And I have great news! Lulu’s Fund, is matching your gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000! Can you just imagine the good we can do? But hurry, we need to meet this match before January 10, 2020.

We know, like us, you believe in treating pets with love and kindness. Together, we empower families to provide the best care for the dogs and cats who enrich their lives while ensuring pets at risk of being surrendered remain in their homes and out of our crowded shelters.

Will you make your most generous donation today so we can help even more deserving families like Roberta and Ozzy in their greatest time of need?

With the support of caring people like you, we will end the cycle of homeless pets entering our shelter systems and euthanasia of companion animals.


 Leanna Taylor, Executive Director

Leanna Taylor

Executive Director, The Arizona Pet Project

P.S. Every gift, no matter the amount, will be doubled by Lulu’s Fund for twice the impact. Please make your most generous, tax-deductible gift today to help more families like Ozzy and Roberta. Thank you for helping families and saving pets this holiday season!